Decisions, Decisions, Decisions….

The decisions we make today, create the decisions we get to make tomorrow

Giving your $$$ fertility treatments.

Imagine you are a farmer and you have saved your money to buy a piece of land to begin your farming business. You must decide what you will produce to make money. First you think of crops such as corn, wheat, tomatoes, maybe even tobacco, but then you think about your friend Joe who spentContinue reading “Giving your $$$ fertility treatments.”

My favorite investing apps

It’s no secret that investing has gotten not only easier in the last decade but investors also have access to much better and up to date information that allows them to make better decisions. Today I want to talk about my favorite investing apps, all of which I use on my smart phone, to research,Continue reading “My favorite investing apps”

How missing my goal helped me find my purpose.

Hello class. Welcome back to FIRE University, In today’s class I want to talk about the importance of setting financial goals. They say that the measure of a good goal it should be realistic, achievable, tied to a time frame, and motivating. For many of us, especially those of us in the FIRE community ourContinue reading “How missing my goal helped me find my purpose.”

The Best Investing Strategy

In this class we will discuss the best investment strategy for everyone. Now this is sort of a loaded statement as it’s probably obvious that there isn’t one investment strategy that is perfect for everyone but there are many basics that will ring true for all investors. If you haven’t read our post FIRE 101,Continue reading “The Best Investing Strategy”

The Nifty Fifty

Before we begin class I would like to say that the statements made in this lecture are mine and only represent my personal opinions, they in no way are meant to represent any company or share of said companies as good or bad purchases, nor to make any attempt to insinuate that the individual companiesContinue reading “The Nifty Fifty”

Mr. FU vs Mrs. FU – Reacting to a bear market

Yesterday in a class discussion the topic of preparing for a bear market came up and it was interesting to see that my wife and I have different views and plans to handle a drop in the market. What is a bear market? A bear market is a drop of 20% or more in theContinue reading “Mr. FU vs Mrs. FU – Reacting to a bear market”

The importance of Collaboration

Hello students and welcome back to Fire University. In today’s class we will be discussing the importance of being able to collaborate with a diverse group of people and the benefits it has for you both personally and professionally. Collaboration basically means to have two or more parties working together on the same task. InContinue reading “The importance of Collaboration”

FI – RE, you can’t have one without the other.

Hello class and welcome back to FIRE University. In today’s class we will be discussing the importance of attaining Financial Independence. The “FIRE” (Financial Independence – Retire Early) lifestyle has been receiving a whole lot of outside press lately, while this is obviously a good thing as it has the power to greatly improve theContinue reading “FI – RE, you can’t have one without the other.”

F.I.R.E 101

This post is designed to give students the basic knowledge to get started on their path to Financial Independence, we will tackle the money, the math, the plan, and most importantly the REASON. To start with we need to define Financial Independence, Financial Independence is when you no longer need to trade time or energyContinue reading “F.I.R.E 101”