Meet the Teachers

Here at FIRE UNIVERSITY we have a small faculty that consist of Mr. and Mrs. F.U.

We will both be sharing information and strategies that have worked not only for us but for many of our friends and family members.

We will be presenting material from other teachers who share the same values around wealth and independence as we do. Our goal is to create a fun learning environment where everyone feels comfortable learning and sharing.

Mr. F.U. – Started his career in the hospitality industry at a very young age and after graduating college continued to pursue a career in business centered around the hospitality industry. Having held senior management positions for several major national brands, opening his own company and launching a career as a consultant, Mr F.U. decided to help the underpaid hourly workers get ahead in life.

Mr. FU has also devoted time to teaching students at local universities in both accredited and non-accredited classes as well as helping with youth programs in his local neighborhoods.

Mrs. F.U. is currently working as a director of operations for a national leader in her field. She was a talented athlete and played sports throughout college, until deciding to settle down and start a family. After graduating with a nursing degree and devoting years to helping others, she finally decided to step into a career in business.

Both Mr. and Mrs. F.U. share a love of helping others as well as a love for the outdoors. Together they have 4 kids and 3 dogs, as well as aging parents they both care for.

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