My mission/My purpose

Hello everyone, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Mr. Financial University but you can call me Mr. F.U. I’m in upper management for a very large international company. I have worked for two of the worlds largest companies in my industry and been blessed with learning a lot about how business and financeContinue reading “My mission/My purpose”

Kynesian Vs Reaganomics

In the constant battle between Democrat vs Republican it’s easy to lose sight and even interest as it seems both parties are more focused on making the other party look bad and placing blame than on actually moving America forward. However one thing we are all interested in is what they plan to do withContinue reading “Kynesian Vs Reaganomics”

Giving your $$$ fertility treatments.

Imagine you are a farmer and you have saved your money to buy a piece of land to begin your farming business. You must decide what you will produce to make money. First you think of crops such as corn, wheat, tomatoes, maybe even tobacco, but then you think about your friend Joe who spentContinue reading “Giving your $$$ fertility treatments.”

My favorite investing apps

It’s no secret that investing has gotten not only easier in the last decade but investors also have access to much better and up to date information that allows them to make better decisions. Today I want to talk about my favorite investing apps, all of which I use on my smart phone, to research,Continue reading “My favorite investing apps”

Do we take better care of other people’s money???

If you are working in corporate America, then you probably have to adhere to a strict budget. If you are like me you have to not only adhere to a budget but actually set budgets for others to live by. In our working lives we all have a boss that we answer to and itContinue reading “Do we take better care of other people’s money???”

Financial and Business lessons from The Game of Thrones.

Hello Class. Welcome back to Fire University. As many of you know I am a big fan of the Game of Thrones TV series and in today’s class we will discuss the financial and business lessons that can be learned from the show. Let’s start with the financial lessons. Winter is coming In the showContinue reading “Financial and Business lessons from The Game of Thrones.”

Balance. Enjoying today and planning for tomorrow.

Hello class and welcome back to Fire Univesity. Today I want to talk about something that is very personal to me and Mrs. FU. Recently my family received some bad news in the form of a health diagnosis. In light of dealing with the eventual death of someone we love and being forced to acknowledgeContinue reading “Balance. Enjoying today and planning for tomorrow.”