My mission/My purpose

Hello everyone, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Mr. Financial University but you can call me Mr. F.U.

I’m in upper management for a very large international company. I have worked for two of the worlds largest companies in my industry and been blessed with learning a lot about how business and finance works.

I live in Tennessee but have resided in several other southern states. I have four wonderful kids, plus an amazing and beautiful wife. All my kids are in college or high school and my wife is also a working professional. She is currently finishing up her masters degree, after having chosen to return to school.

In our spare time, we enjoy being outside. Hiking, sports, jogging, and finding waterfalls are some of our favorite ways to spend time together. We are also heavily involved in our church, where we teach Sunday school classes.

I have always been interested in personal finance and business. I majored in business and love pouring over financial statements to decipher how the money moves through an organization.

Several years ago, I became disillusioned with the wealth gap between the front line employees and the C-suite employees. The front line employees did the hard work and heavy lifting, that was directly tied to the income generating aspect of operations. However, the C-suite employees received all of the perks along with salaries that were 10 times that of the front line employees.

To make it worse, the C-suite employees not only earned more but were actually building wealth or capital to be able to invest elsewhere and earn even more money. They had the company cars, expense accounts, stock options, and bonuses. Additionally, they had the nice offices with assistants to do most of their work.

After speaking to front line employees all over our organization, I realized that not only did they earn far less in income but they were not ever going to get ahead because they didn’t understand how to build wealth. Most lived paycheck to paycheck. Many depended on payday advance loans to make ends meet.

They spent their hard earned money on consumer goods that would soon be worthless. Very few took advantage of our 401K to save for retirement, which meant they would be forced to work forever to fund their lifestyle.

I heard horrible stories of employees that couldn’t afford to have health insurance, elderly people that were working just to afford medications, people that had declared bankruptcy due to hospital bills, even people that had to take public transportation because they couldn’t afford car repairs.

One day during a board meeting, where we had food catered in and served to us by an employee that most people at the table probably didn’t know. I decided to devote my spare time to educating and helping the front line employees to build wealth and get ahead in life.

I’ve since helped many employees sign up for their 401K, learn to make monthly budgets, set aside money for unexpected expenses, and even save for a home purchase. I’ve helped young people get enrolled in college and start side hustles to earn extra income and even begin investing in the stock market.

I believe that as a leader, I have a duty to the shareholders, but also to the stakeholders. The front line employees are arguably our biggest stakeholders, they depend on us to provide not only jobs but opportunities for advancement.

I truly believe that through empowering and educating the lowest paid employees that we can continue to not only increase earnings for the shareholders but build a stronger and more diverse community.

If you’d like to receive a free copy of our budgeting and wealth tracking program, leave a comment and I’ll send you a free discount code.

How do you feel about the wealth and income gap between the executive class versus the hourly workers? Leave us a comment.

Thanks for reading and remember FIRE UNIVERSITY LLC is not a licensed or registered financial advisor. Everyone should consult a licensed financial professional before making any financial decisions.

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