Hello everyone and welcome to FIRE UNIVERSITY, we are glad you are here and joining us for our open house. We look forward to meeting and getting to know each of you as we grow together. Here at FIRE UNIVERSITY we believe that everyone no matter what age, race, gender, level of education or income level can achieve Financial independence and we are here to help anyone who wishes to begin that journey. You can call me Mr. FU and my beautiful wife Mrs. FU will be joining us as well, along with the both of us we will also be presenting both guest writers and showcasing articles from other personal finance authors. As a student and now a teacher I recognize that being able to see and learn from someone who has actually done something can be very powerful, so to get started let’s discuss a few blogs that we will be quoting and providing links to. To get started one of my favorite articles to send new students is the Mr. Money Mustache article Titled The Shockingly Simple Math Behind Early Retirement, this is by far one of the best and simplest articles to help someone new understand the concept of Early Retirement. After that I like to then send students to authors that they can relate to on an individual level or that focus on certain subjects. For debt payoffs and inspiration to get out of debt I really like The $76K project, for help setting a strong foundation I like FOUR PILLAR FREEDOM, their four pillars are great advice. My personal favorite blogs are  thinksaveretire.com, retireby40.org, and 1500days.com. Mrs. FU’s favorite blogs include TreadLightlyRetireEarly.com, bitchesgetriches.com, chiefmomofficer.org, and thisgirlisonfire.blog. Some of our favorites to read together are jlcollinsnh.com and ChooseFI.com. 

It is the goal of FIRE UNIVERSITY to provide a free education to anyone willing to learn and work hard, as FU grows we will begin accepting sponsorship from affiliated companies as well as placing advertisements on our page. It is up to the board of directors as to what companies we partner with but they have a duty to only accept funds from businesses that we fully back and that agree to behave ethically and morally. We will never advertise or endorse something we do not believe in or use ourselves. Students are encouraged to explore other investing courses and options but should agree to never push another student on this platform into purchasing or investing in anything that is not within the core curriculum. As index investors we will not be discussing individual stocks much but if you are interested by all means do your own research, we will however not permit random post or tweets soliciting students to purchase such shares. It is also a policy for all students to behave in such a way that creates and maintains a safe and friendly environment that everyone feels comfortable engaging and sharing in. As our school grows and we begin offering both virtual and in person meet ups to further build strong relationships and link students up with both friends and mentors to help them along their journey, it will be our main priority to maintain the safety of everyone involved, if at anytime another student is made to feel unsafe or threatened in any way, the accused will no longer be permitted to participate in school activities. We look forward to growing together with you as we enter this new chapter in our lives.

Thank you for joining us and remember that we are not licensed financial advisers or tax professionals, please consult with your financial specialist before making any financial decisions.




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